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About us

Sante Corbacio, also known as “Sonnythetourist” was born in Monopoli, a southern town of Italy. He has always been interested and impassioned in model-making, in particular Robot-Gundam and Transformers models. He created a large number of amazing and evocative scenaries, known as “Diorama”, during the last 9 years. His great manual cleverness and his special creativity can be considered “works of art”. Now, Sonny is one of the most esteemed model-maker all over the world and he always achieves an high reputation and fame between the experts of the sector. Thanks to his persevering passion and will to experiment with new modelling techniques, Sonny realizes his plans and masterpieces every day. The CUSTOMS shown in this page have been completely remade, removing varnish and paint again with airbrush and resin colors (used in the coachwork). This choice guarantees good lasting RESISTANCE during rubbing and transformation (a frequent problem for custom). He expressily used varnishes, mixed with metallized pigments. The difference of this model from the other one is the use of high luminosity LED. The transformation is not compromise at all. This custom is the first one with certificate of authenticity in the world.

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